How to make a simple bow with Anim8or

Using the Warp Modifier

Download Tutorial (115KB) Zip file - Here

How to make models with Anim8or

Getting familiar with some useful commands

Cube parameters
Visual scale
Copy and paste
Join solids

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A Method of Making Conforming Clothes Using Poser4, Anim8or and UVMapper.

The Basic Figure

This is the technique I've used to make the conforming clothes on the Fast3d website. I don't claim it to be the best, or possibly the easiest, but it does appear to work - and be within the limits of us folks with only modest abilities!

I am going to assume that the reader of this tutorial has only a basic knowledge of the software packages - so please forgive any "obviousness" in my style.

Download Tutorial (381KB) Zip file - Here