Trees Plus

Anim8or original meshes

I'm still playing around with tree shapes - not photo realistic - but moody graphic structures.



Here's some examples from my strange journey through the 3D World.



The textures are crude but powerful.

Hang this over your bed and sleep in peace.


Lighting and post-work for a creepy world.



A few words help me to set the scene ... pretentious ? Me ?

Fairy Stories


My last project containing my latest.. one virtual world inside another.

Coming together

Mmmm.... you don't have to be mad, but it helps.


The tree features 3 MTs for shape changing, and, 2 textures.

Also included is the kite, spiky grass, a soft perspective shape, and very Lo-Mesh Wellington Boots, and a branch ... think that's it !

All are in a pz3 file and ready scaled for Poser figures.


Download Zip (122KB) -

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Thanks for your interest, Gerald.