Time for Tea

Anim8or original meshes.

Boil the kettle on the stove and take the teapot to the kettle. Pour in about 1 cup of boiling water and return the kettle to the stove. Swill the teapot with the water and tip out. Add 1 spoon of Earl Grey per person and one for the pot. Take the pot back to the stove and pour in sufficient boiling water. Leave to brew for 4 minutes.

The tea should be made in an old brown glazed pottery teapot. Tea should not be drunk from a mug, only from a thin bone china cup. Always use a matching saucer.. Or people may think that you're common. Never put milk in tea.. What are you?.. A little baby! A biscuit can form the perfect compliment with tea. The biscuit should be dry and not too sweet, otherwise it may effect ones palate spoiling the delicate flavour of the tea.

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