John - Across the Years

All original meshes constructed using Anim8or.

My first male figures, a kind of father/grandpa and son combination.

Both feature Mimic compatible talking heads. An example may be found here.

I've taken a little more time constructing the head mesh for these guys to make them more suitable for viewing at all angles.

Both figures use small head/face textures and a further one for the sweater or sweatshirt. If you'd like to make your own design I've also included a blank texture template.


  • Clothing looks best in darker shades.

  • The elbow mesh is cracked... not a problem once the figures are rendered.

  • Don't render too large.. you won't like the results!


For quick use convenience both figures are in pz3 form... if you wish you can always extract the figures as cr2 files.

Download the Zip file containing both figures and all textures (490KB) - Here


Thanks for your interest in my models and fast loading website... I hate waiting, don't you?