An original mesh made using Anim8or.

A progression on the original Jane with multi-garment options and poseable mouth and eyes.

In addition to the mesh, Jane uses 3 small textures for the body, head and eyes.

JaneV2 is special in that she features a stacked system of conformable clothing. You can easily change what she's wearing by selecting the hierarchy editor's "eye" symbol.

Even with all the clothing meshes attached to the master mesh she'll render quickly because the total mesh size is still relatively small. Of course, for added speed, you can always delete any clothing meshes not used. However, in this case, be sure to keep a backup ... once deleted, Poser won't allow you to get an item back.

You may find it convenient to make new figures (CR2 files) of frequently used models.

Just a few of the garment combinations possible.

The eyes and mouth have limited poseability.. the head mesh is quite basic and designed for small size renders. However, adjustment of the MT dials should permit a few mood expressions. To get you started I've enclosed the above face settings. - Poser will display an error warning when applying, ignore it, and continue.

The list shows the clothing options - some items like the skirt have additional MTs.. for length etc. The clothes are fully poseable for all normal joint configurations.


  • When using the boots, remember to make Jane's feet and shins invisible.

  • Clothing looks best in darker shades.

  • Keep a light pointing directly at the face to avoid poor mesh shading.

  • Mesh optimised for front and front rendering. Sides and back still useable for smaller / darker lit renders.

  • Always render... the clothing and figure features transparent zones.

  • Don't render too large.. you won't like the results!


Jane is contained in her own zipped pz3 file to give you an idea of her useable size... it also contains a walking animation sequence, textures, and sample face poses.


Download Jane (388KB) - Here

Thanks for your interest, Gerald.