An original mesh.

Here she is, my most complex new figure mesh so far...

She's a much smaller file size than the normal P4 figures and - should! - render more quickly making her quick to use for medium frame size animations.

This release of Jane features a simple mesh head ideal for image texturing, so try to keep her looking towards the camera ... later releases will contain fully poseable eye / mouth heads and better hands (once I can get the right appearance at small-ish mesh size.)

Her clothes are fully conformable and morph ready attached props - more reliable in an animation than most conforming clothing.

I've spent time on her joints and blend zones - I don't have pro-pack - to provide, hopefully, a pretty good appearance at medium frame sizes.

Jane is contained in her own zipped pz3 file to give you an idea of her useable size... it also contains the walking animation sequence, and, body / head textures.


Download Jane (180KB) - Here


Thanks for your interest, Gerald.