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All the content on this site is free for all, including all downloads. Unless clearly stated, the models and meshes have been made by myself - they are not the property of DAZ, Curious Labs, or any other company / individual, nor do they infringe anyones copyrite.

If you are looking for a model and have failed to find one in Renderosity's marketplace or freestuff, or anywhere on the net, contact me for a price. Generally I charge nothing, or only a few pounds providing I can post it at a later date on this site.

I hope you find this a quick loading and fast site to use . I've used simple programming methods to make it load quickly - I hate slow loading sites !

My main interest  is animation. To cut down on processing time I tend to make my models small and simple. This philosophy is extended to any applied textures ... they are small too!

All the models on these pages should render quickly giving you more time to spend on developing the animation itself. 

This is a free site, all models and files are available as downloads. Use them in any way you like - including commercial use. But please don't sell my model / meshes they should remain free for all.

Have some fun.


If you encounter any problems please email em

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