An Anim8or original mesh.

Here you are then, a new conforming figure mesh.

The figure contains many morphs to assist posing.

The CR2 file is a real mess.. most of mine are! Hopefully, it will work fine on your system.

I've included all the textures.

Her feet don't bend.. they're part of her shins.. but all other joints should work as normal.

Most of the clothes are integrated with the body mesh, also, the hat and hair are a single item.

The skirt is parented to the hip only.. easier to make.. but still seems to work pretty well. The added morphs help create a more natural drape.

Don't render her too large .. the mesh and textures are not suitable. It's not a Daz product !

What do you think of the fabric texture .. I like it !

Try making the hair 20% transparent.. may look less like plastic.


Download Zip (280KB) - Here 

Thanks for your interest, Gerald.