The Studio

Anim8or original meshes

I'd like to thank Dan for suggesting this Lo-Mesh room and providing feedback throughout the modelling process.

This has been one of my longer projects.. lasting weeks instead of my normal 2 or 3 days. It's roughly based on a photographic studio I spent some time in during the 60's. I've added extra props to make it a multi purpose art environment. Have a look around and you'll see that there's some clutter.. makes it more "lived in". To keep the total file size small some of the props are only partially constructed and must be rendered to appear correctly.

It's a nice virtual space to try out your lighting skills.

Experiment with a single spot and one fill-in light.

Poser can be a very creative graphics tool.. you don't always need huge meshes and giant textures.. sometimes less is more.

The studio is distributed as a zipped pz3 file.. this keeps everything together, correctly scaled, and includes the textures and bumps, plus a simple lighting set-up.

Download Zip (316KB) -

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Thanks for your interest, Gerald.