V1 New Clothes

Conforming Clothes. Made for V1LoRes. Should fit V1 and V2 figures.

Firstly I would like to thank those who've commissioned these items.

The V1LoRes figure is ideal for animation projects, and as a low resource background character. She tends to be used by a dedicated small number of users who are happy to make additional face morphs and apply magnets.

These are all low mesh items with small textures (the opposite of V3 / 4 figures), so keep figure / render sizes small.


How to use..

These items may not be compatible with Poser version 4.

Clothes - Put ALL the files in a new folder called V1NewClothes, (cr2 files have been modified).

Props - Put ALL the files in any prop folder, (pp2 files have been modified).

These items may be distributed freely but never sold.

Download the zip - (1.3 MB) -

If you find these items useful, please consider making a small of £1 or $1.50.

Thanks for your interest, Gerald.